Please read the sale guidelines before registering to sell or volunteer. By registering in My Consignment Manager, you are stating you have read and agree to these guidelines.

Going Digital

FCPOM uses My Consignment Manager software at our sale. There are several advantages to you, as a seller and as a buyer. By electronically entering all of your items, you can save 50-60% of your time when you are tagging. In addition, you will receive a printout of your entire inventory and be able to manage your items as “sold” or “not sold”.

Their website is simple and easy to use. We really encourage you to become familiar with their system before you begin tagging. So check them out at

There is no risk and no additional cost to you outside of our seller’s registration fee. Just register, select our consignment in the “Partner Consignment” section, enter your items and then print your tags using a print code that we will provide to you. It is that easy. 


  • You can electronically enter your tags, which will save you 50-60% of your time

  • You can print Inventory Sheets for all of your items

  • You can also print a donation list for your tax filings

  • You can reuse your items for future sales with us and for other sales

  • Your account will automatically be updated so that you can view which items sold at our sale prior to receiving your check

  • You can calculate your potential sales in dollars

  • The system will allow you to receive your checks more quickly than you would with a manual system